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About Porto


Porto, a city steeped in history and pulsating with cosmopolitan energy, offers a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. From its charming streets and historic landmarks to its thriving arts scene and culinary delights, Porto promises a multifaceted experience for visitors.

Immerse yourself in the city’s rich tapestry of experiences, where cobblestone streets whisper tales of centuries gone by and contemporary architecture showcases a forward-thinking spirit. Explore historic landmarks and cutting-edge establishments alike, ensuring an unforgettable journey through time and innovation.

With its picturesque routes and diverse attractions, Porto beckons exploration. Embark on a tram journey to discover pristine beaches, charming cafés, and iconic architectural wonders. And getting here is a breeze, thanks to Porto’s accessible transportation network, including an international airport with 60 direct routes and well-designed road and rail connections.

Experience the perfect blend of past and future in Porto, where every moment is infused with vibrant energy and endless possibilities.


  • Porto International Airport is situated 15 km from the city center. Connections to the city are facilitated by a well-established network of buses, metro, and taxis.
  • Nestled 300 kilometers north of Lisbon, Porto commands a strategic geographic position, facilitating seamless connections to major European capitals. With leading airlines offering direct flights, Porto stands as a premier gateway, fostering accessibility and connectivity across the continent.



Option 1:
Catch the metro on “Line E” heading towards “Estádio do Dragão”. Exit at “Trindade”.
Duration: 24 minutes
Travel ticket: Z4

At “Trindade,” change to “Line D” heading towards “Santo Ovídio” and exit at “São Bento.”
Duration: 4 minutes
Travel ticket: Use same travel ticket as before.

Exit the metro station and at the STCP bus stop, catch the “500” bus heading towards “Matosinhos (Mercado)”. Exit at the “Alfândega” bus stop.
Duration: 4 minutes
Travel ticket: Use same travel ticket as before.

Option 2:
Taxi – approx. 25 minutes