RNA Horizons 2024

Dear Colleagues and CanceRNA Partners,

We invite you to participate in the RNA Therapeutics Symposium, a premier interdisciplinary forum convening at the vanguard of this burgeoning field. Following the landmark success of mRNA vaccines in addressing global health challenges, this symposium aims to harness the transformative potential of RNA technology for a broader spectrum of cancer therapeutics.

Building upon the groundbreaking developments of 2020, the symposium which be be held in Porto will convene a diverse array of experts, including RNA biologists, systems analysts, immunologists, and drug development specialists. Fostering a collaborative environment, this event will facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge research, the development of a unified scientific lexicon, and the acceleration of research and development efforts in RNA therapeutics.

Key thematic areas of exploration will encompass:

  • RNA system biology, including methods to sequence and identify RNA splicing, editing, and processing in health and disease
  • Expanding the Scope of RNA Therapeutics:  RNA splicing and processing in health and disease
  • Expanding the Scope of RNA Therapeutics:  RNA splicing and processing as a potential avenue for cancer modulation, generation of immunogenic transcripts and targeting cancer vulnerabilities
  • Unlocking the Transformative Power of RNA-Based Therapeutics: The RNA conference will critically examine the ability of RNA therapeutics to modify biomolecules with a degree of precision and efficacy surpassing conventional drug modalities.
  • Fostering Collaboration and Accelerating Progress: The intimate format of the symposium will provide ample opportunities for networking, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, and sparking innovative research partnerships that propel the field forward.
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RNA Therapeutics Symposium Organizing Committee
Carmo-Fonseca Maria

Maria Carmo-Fonseca

Michal Lotem

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Rotem Karni

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Juan Valcárcel

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